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Career Development Finance enhances the process of education and skills development. We work directly and exclusively with commercial training providers and do not accept applications directly from members of the general public. Our industry focus is specific to organisations which provide career enhancing qualifications.

About Us

Career Development Finance has supported commercial training institutions since 1995. Our objective being to ensure that private sector training providers secure a win-win situation for themselves and their students. Students gain career advancement without having to pay for the entire course up-front. Training providers, in the scheme enjoy guaranteed cash flow with no exposure to risk, as students make repayments directly to CDF.

How does Career Development Finance work?

Loans provided by Career Development Finance are generally interest-free, that cost being borne by the education provider, making the proposition particularly attractive to students, there being no premium to pay above the cost of the course itself. Streamlined online systems and smooth underwriting processes are in place to facilitate decision making where limited places are available.

It has been the case that students simply were not able to afford the tuition fees of commercial training providers and often, those individuals were those in greatest need of skills acquisition and career development opportunities. However, with the benefit of funding, students have been better able to afford the fees, as payments are more manageable typically, with the repayment period matched to the duration of the training and spread over 12, 24 or 36 months.

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Using Career Development Finance to fund students’ courses is a smooth and efficient way to grow your business. A seamless and effective administration process means the minimum of fuss, for student and training provider alike. Removed from financial risk and from the need to balance cash flow, training companies are free to concentrate on developing new courses and of course, new business. Importantly, CDF’s relationship with the underlying student in terms of the collection process is one, which recognises the importance of the client/customer relationship, ensuring on the one hand prompt and efficient money management and on the other a courteous and efficient service.